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Shortage occupations list 2018

  • 1. Black toppers

Black topper

  • 2. Milling machinists

Milling machinist (metal processing), CHC milling machinist, die milling machinist

  • 3. Technicians with a higher level of training (engineer) for mechanical engineering 

Installation engineer – mechanical engineering (Engineer), motor vehicle construction engineer (Engineer), air conditioning system engineer (Engineer), mechanical engineering technician (Engineer), mechanical design engineer (Engineer), sanitary engineer (Engineer), parts design engineer (Engineer), tool design engineer (Engineer), precision engineer (Engineer), building services engineer (heating, ventilation, sanitary) (Engineer), quality assurance engineer (Engineer), CAD design engineer (Engineer), mechatronics engineer (Engineer), systems engineer (Engineer), drive technology engineer (Engineer), construction machinery engineer (Engineer), CAM engineer (Engineer), production engineer (Engineer), weapons engineer (Engineer), ventilation engineer (Engineer), technical college graduate in mechanical engineering, technical college graduate in  mechatronics, CAD/CAM programmer (Engineer), automation engineer (Engineer)

  • 4. Technicians with a higher level of training (engineer) for power engineering technology

Electrical engineer (Engineer), installation engineer - power engineering (Engineer), design engineer – power engineering (Engineer), power engineer (Engineer), apparatus engineering technician (Engineer), electrical engineer – energy/drive technology (Engineer), technical college graduate in electrical engineering

  • 5. Metal turners

Bar turner, boring mill operator, turner, master turner, thread cutter, carousel turner, revolver turner, point turner, die turner, CNC skilled worker, machining technician, CNC turner, metalwork technician – machining technology

  • 6. Specialist power engineer

Electrical engineer, installation engineer – power engineering, design engineer – power engineering, electrical engineer - energy/drive engineer

  • 7. Technicians with a higher level of training (engineer) for data processing

Analyst (Engineer), data entry specialist (Engineer), programmer (Engineer), systems analyst (Engineer), systems organiser (Engineer), computer technician (Engineer), network technician (Engineer), EDP customer account manager (Engineer), database technician (Engineer), EDP maintenance technician (Engineer), Internet technician (Engineer), EDP technician (hardware and software) (Engineer), systems developer (Engineer), software technician (software developer) (Engineer), EDP trainer (hardware and software) (Engineer), system and user support (Engineer), application developer and programmer (Engineer), web programmer (Engineer), multimedia programmer (Engineer), database developer and programmer (Engineer), application advisor (Engineer), data manager (Engineer), data security specialist (Engineer), hardware technician (Engineer), IT specialist (application development) (Engineer), IT specialist (customer services/service) (Engineer), IT specialist (systems analysis) (Engineer), information manager (data warehouse manager) (Engineer), internet/intranet administrator (Engineer), internet/intranet advisor (Engineer), IT manager (IT consultant) (Engineer), media IT specialist (Engineer), EDP project manager (Engineer), EDP quality assurance technician (Engineer), SAP application advisor, scanning technology/imaging specialist (Engineer), support manager (Engineer), system programmer (EDP) (Engineer), merchandise management system technician (Engineer), web master (Engineer), SAP developer (SAP programmer) (Engineer), system engineer (Engineer), software engineer (Engineer), system integrator (Engineer), network/system engineer (Engineer), senior application engineer (Engineer), database administrator (Engineer), application engineer (Engineer), technical college graduate in EDP/computer science/information technology, firmware developer (Engineer), NET software developer (Engineer), IT architect (Engineer), software tester (Engineer), software start-up specialist (Engineer)

  • 8. Agricultual equipment engineers

Agricultural equipment engineer, agriculatural equipment technichian, agriculatural equipment mechanic, construction machinery engineer - agriculatural equipment

  • 9. Graduate engineers in mechanical engineering

Graduate business administrator, graduate mechanical engineer, graduate mining machinery engineer, graduate business engineer - mechanical engineering, graduate installation engineer - mechanical engineering, graduate motor vehicle construction engineer, graduate air conditioning system engineer, mechanical engineering technician, graduate mechanical design engineer, graduate machinery engineer, graduate sanitary engineer, graduate tool designer, graduate building service engineer (heating/ventilation/sanitary), graduate quality assurance technician, graduate CAM technician, graduate mechatronics fitter, graduate systems engineer, graduate drive technology engineer, graduate construction machinery engineer, graduate CAM technician, graduate production engineer, graduate ventilation engineer, graduate CAD/CAM programmer, graduate automation engineer

  • 10. Graduates in power engineering

Graduate electrical engineer - power engineering, graduate electrical engineer, graduate installation engineer - power engineering, graduate design engineer - power engineering, graduate power engineer, graduate apparatus engineering technician, graduate electrical engineer - energy/drive technocholgy 

  • 11. Die makers, cutter makers and punch makers

Mould maker, cutter maker, die maker, die maker-master, master die maker, die fitter, die making technician, precision tool grinding technician 

  • 12. Graduate engineers for data processing

Graduate analyst, graduate IT specialist, graduate programmer, graduate systems analyst, graduate systems organiser, graduate systems advisor, graduate business IT specialist (EDP), graduate computer technician, graduate network technician, graduate database technician, graduate EDP technician (hardware and software), graduate systems developer, graduate software technician (software developer), graduate EDP trainer (hardware and software), graduate system and user support, graduate application developer and programmer, graduate database developer and programmer, graduate data manager, graduate data security specialist, graduate hardware technician, graduate IT specialist (application development), graduate IT specialist (customer services/service), graduate IT specialist (systems analysis), graduate information manager (data warehouse manager), graduate internet/intranet administrator, graduate internet/intranet advisor, graduate IT manager (IT consultant), graduate media IT specialist, graduate EDP project manager, graduate EDP quality assurance technician, system programmer (EDP), graduate merchandise management system technician, graduate web master, graduate SAP developer (SAP programmer), graduate system engineer, graduate software engineer, graduate system integrator, network/system engineer, graduate senior application engineer, graduate database administrator, graduate application engineer, graduate firmware developer, graduate NET software developer, graduate IT architect, graduate software tester

  • 13. Roofers

Roofer, foreman/forewoman (roofer), master roofer

  • 14. Specialist graduate engineers

Graduate materials engineer - plastics technology, graduate materials scientist, graduate calibration engineer, graduate hardening engineer, graduate wood engineer, graduate plastics engineer, graduate leather engineer, graduate travel engineer, graduate shoe engineer, graduate welding engineer, graduate service engineer, graduate silicate engineer, graduate process engineer, graduate environmental/safety engineer, graduate technical consultant, graduate laser engineer, graduate development engineer, graduate testing engineer, graduate waste management engineer (according to Waste Management Act), graduate disposal engineer (landfill engineer), graduate vehicle engineer, graduate geo-information engineer, graduate optical electronics engineer, graduate paper and cellulose engineer, graduate recycling engineer, graduate ship building engineer, graduate validation engineer, graduate traffic planning engineer, graduate hydraulic engineer, graduate materials engineer, graduate civil engineer (engineering consultant), graduate sales engineer, graduate project engineer, graduate technical project worker, graduate timber construction engineer

  • 15. Welders, cutting torch operators

Aluminium welder, argonac welder, oxyfuel torch operator, oxyfuel cutting torch operator, oxyfuel welder, electric welder, master electric welder, braze welder, boiler welder, point welder, pipe welder, gas-shielded welder, chain welder, universal welder, metalwork technician - welding technology

  • 16. Specialist technicians for mechanical Engineering

Installation engineer - mechanical engineering, motor vehicle construction engineer, air conditioning system engineer, mechanical design engineer, mechanical engineering technician, sanitary engineer, parts design engineer, tool design engineer, mechanical engineering foreman/forewoman, building services technician (heating, ventilation, sanitary), quality assurance engineer, CAD design engineer, mechatronics engineer, drive technology engineer, construction machinery engineer, production engineer, ventilation engineer, systems engineer, CAD/CAM programmer, automation engineer  

  • 17. Electrical installers, electrical fitters

Lift engineer, industrial electrician, lightning protection engineer, electrician, electrical installer, electrical installer foreman/forewoman, master electrical installer, master electrician, electrical fitter, electrical engineer foreman/forewoman, building electrician, master electrical engineer, cable fitter, motor vehicle electrician, neon system fitter, high voltage electrician,

  • 18. Construction joiners

stage joiner, construction joiner, floor layer (construction joinery), floorer, floor polisher, installation joiner, parquet layer, master joiner (construction joinery)

  • 19. Graduates in weak-current and telecommunications engineering

Graduate electrics engineer - industrial electronics, graduate communications engineer, graduate electronics engineer, graduate television engineer, graduate radio engineer, graduate design engineer weak-current and telecommunications, graduate telecommunications engineer, graduate engineer in radiography, graduate control engineer, graduate weak-current engineer, graduate telephone switchboard/installation engineer, graduate electromedical technology engineer, graduate electrical engineering technician - IT/electronics/photonics, graduate electrical engineering technician - process technology, graduate electrical engineering technician - automation/control, graduate electrical engineering technician - audio engineering, graduate GSM network design engineer (landline network/radio network), graduate communication  technician, graduate cyberneticist, micro technician - molecular/nano/quantum technology, graduate mobile telephone system engineer (GMS), graduate sensor technology engineer, graduate signal technology engineer, graduate PLC/ASIC/IC designer, graduate PLC/ASIC/IC technician, graduate telecommunications technician, graduate PLC developer (programmable logic controller), graduate SMD technician, graduate measurement engineer, graduate telematics engineer      

  • 20. Special fitters

Works fitter, gallantry fitter, maintenance fitter, control fitter, model fitter, repair fitter, master fitter (metalwork shop), fitter (metalwork shop), general fitter, smelter fitter, hydraulic fitter, mine fitter - machine buildings, foundry mechanic, metal technician - metal processing technology, skilled metalworker, metalworker, metallurgist and cold forming technician

  • 21. Concrete constructors

Concrete worker, concrete constructor, concrete mixer, foreman/forewoman (concrete constructor), formworker, formwork setter, steel-reinforced concrete constructor, concrete repair worker 

  • 22. Carpenters

Construction carpenter, assistant carpenter, shuttering carpenter, master carpenter, carpenter, foreman/forewoman carpenter, carpenter-polisher, prefabricated house builder, carpentry technician

  • 23. Specialist tinsmiths

Shop tinsmith, letter tinsmith, sheet metal worker, gallantry tinsmith, ventilation tinsmith, tinsmith, master tinsmith, insulation tinsmith, aircraft tinsmith

  • 24. Floor and wall tilers

Tilers, pavers, floor and wall tilers

  • 25. Motor machanics

Car mechanic, certified master car mechanic - foreman/forewoman, certified master - car mechanic - foreman/forewoman, automotive engineering fitter, motocycle mechanic, lorry mechanic, motor boat mechanic, certified master craftsman (automotive engineering), head of workshop (automotive repair shop), technician in automotive engineering, technician in automotive engineering - passenger cars, technician in automotive engineering - utility vehicles, technician in automotive engineering - motorcycles

  • 26. Pipe installers, pipe fitters

Master GWH installer, master heating installer, heating fitter, installer, installer foreman/forewoman, master installer, refrigeration system installer, air conditioning installer, pipe fitter, GWH installer, sanitary fitter, pipe fitter (pipe installations), gas and water mains installer, water mains installer, building fittings intstaller, heating and sanitary fitter, pipeline engineering foreman/forewoman, sanitary and climate technician (gas/water mains installation), sanitary and climate technician (heating installation), sanitary and climate technician (ventilation installation), gas mains installer, central heating engineer, solar technician (solar operator), sanitary and climate technician (eco energy installation), installation and building services technician - gas/sanitary technology, installation and building service technician - heating technology, installation and building service technician - ventilation technology, engineering designer - installation and building service technology

  • 27. Graduate nurses

Please note
The regulation only applies to graduate nurses who started with their complementary training in Austria until the end of 2017 and have completed it at the time of application. Persons who have not yet received the relevant nostrification decision by the Austrian authorities are not covered.

Graduate psychiatric nurse, graduate psychiatric healthcare worker and nurse, graduate paediatric-infant nurse, graduate paediatric nurse, graduate nurse, graduate healthcare worker and nurse, student nurse, graduate private nurse, graduate infant carer and child carer, graduate infant-paediatric nurse, graduate company nurse, surgical nurse, nursing service manager, residential manager in geriatric care




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