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Labour market facts and figures

A total of 4,319,100 people were in employment across 2018, of which 2,295,600 were male and 2,023,500 female.


The employment rate for persons aged 15 to 64, i.e. the number of employed persons as a percentage of all persons in this age group, was at 73.0 % on average in 2018.

The part-time employment rate (share of persons working less than 36 hours a week according to information provided by them) amounted to 28.2 %. However, 47.5 % of women and only 11.2 % of men in gainful employment were employed part-time.


On average, in 2018 the number of unemployed people was 355,637. This represents an unemployment rate of 8.7 % (registered unemployed).

The youth unemployment rate (15 to 24 years old) was at 6.7 %, whereas the unemployment rate of elderly people (50 plus) was at 8.7 %.

Non-Austrian citizens were particularly affected by unemployment (11.3 %).

When comparing the provinces, unemployment was highest in Vienna with 12.3 % and lowest in Tirol with 4.9 %.

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