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Languages, culture and religion


German is the official language of Austria and an important prerequisite for participating in the working, economic and social life of the country.

Croatian, Slovenian and Hungarian are recognised as official languages of autonomous population groups in some regions.

English is taught as the first foreign language at most schools.

Culture and religion

There are all kinds of private registered societies and associations throughout Austria (culture, sports, social clubs, etc.). Information on associations can be found at municipal offices or the Magistrat offices (administration authority in cities) and on the website of the Ministry for the Interior.

All over Austria, you will find extensive cultural choices and sports facilities. Daily newspapers and special agendas provide information on current cultural and sporting events.

In recent years, Vienna was elected “Metropolis with the highest standard of living world-wide” several times in a row (Mercer study).

Austrian culture is greatly influenced by the centuries-long Catholic tradition. Daily life and legislation are however strictly secular. Social cohesion and tolerance are of the highest significance in Austrian society.

In Austria there is religious freedom. According to the last population census in 2001, the larger part of the Austrian population professes to be of Roman Catholic faith (around three quarters). This group is followed by persons without religious faith, Protestants, Muslims and members of the Christian Orthodox faith.

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